News |Freecom mSSD MAXX, fast portable storage for photographers

Freecom mSSD MAXX, fast portable storage for photographers

Freecom mSSD MAXX

The Freecom mSSD MAXX is a range of portable hard drives designed for modern photographers’ needs.

File storage is as essential as any other part of your photographic kit, but rarely that exciting and is often overlooked. It can also be confusing with a range of hard drive types and capacities to deal with. As photographers, there’s also the added issue that we often need to carry the storage with us so that we can back-up files as we go.

However if there’s one thing a traditional optical drive hates, that’s been carted around in kit bag, even many of the drives built to withstand a few knocks still contain mechanical parts and no amount of padding from a tough case is going to stop the internal workings from having a rough ride.

The only way to go is SSD (Solid State Drive) these drives contain no moving parts, so motion and the odd knock will have little or no effect. They’re also many times faster than a traditional optical drive as data is accessed directly without an internal disc needing to be spun up.

The Freecom mSSD MAXX signals the latest in SSD drives: it’s small, light weight and ultra fast, it looks good too and feature the latest USB Type-C connection for reliable fast data transfer.

As with Freecom’s previous portable drives the mSSD MAXX features a stylish design, strong aluminium casing with brushed metal finish.

The new drive is available in a 512GB capacity with data transfer speeds of up to 700 MB/s, making it an ideal solution for photographers, especially those with the next generation of cameras such as the Fuji GFX 50s.

Weight is always a consideration and the new SSD MAXX comes in at just 72g, that’s less than the GoPro Hero5. The size is just 91mm x 57mm and 10mm (L x W x H) so an ideal size for slipping into a pocket.

The drive comes f FAT32 formatted so can be used out of the box between Mac and PC systems although software is included to re-format to either HFS+ or NTFS dependent on your system which is highly recommended.

Freecom also thrown in some added bonus software with Nero Backup.

The drive comes with a  three year manufacturers warranty, full details of which can be found on the Freecom web site.

As a storage solution whilst you’re on the road the Freecom mSSD MAXX looks to be a solid solution and is on sale for £269.

If you’d like to see the other drives in the range then check out this video.


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