News |Fotospeed launches printing masterclass with Joe Cornish

Fotospeed launches printing masterclass with Joe Cornish

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The Fotospeed Academy has announced a new workshop on printing images that will be led by British landscape legend Joe Cornish.

Interpreting your Image – A Printing Masterclass will take place on 13 February and focus on teaching intermediate to advanced photographers and printers on how use the printing techniques that will best suit your image.

The workshop will take place in Lacock, Wiltshire, where participants will receive a brief overview of printing basics and essentials, including colour management and soft-proofing.

Cornish will then discuss some of the unorthodox tips and tricks used by professionals, such as:
• The subtle application of monochromatic noise to mask digital artifacting
• Local or global use of softening, or minus clarity to enhance image quality
• Local reduction of saturation for better colour balance
• Local contrast and sharpening adjustments to enhance depth
• How to use basic tools, understand their effect fully, and treat every single image on its own terms

Attendees will use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop or Phase One’s Capture One for raw image processing.

The Fotospeed printing workshop with Joe Cornish is priced £275. Click here for more information.


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