News |Format-Hitech launches Bloom gold lens filters

Format-Hitech launches Bloom gold lens filter

Revolutionary filter enhances photos with gold diffusion

Bloom Gold

Format-Hitech has teamed up with the renowned filmmaker Philip Bloom to create the Bloom Gold Lens Filter, a groundbreaking photography accessory that infuses your images with halation and subtle golden diffused hues.

Philip Bloom, acclaimed for his pioneering work in the film industry, including his collaborations with major entities like Lucasfilm, CNN, and the BBC, brings his extensive experience and artistic vision to this partnership. Known for his influential role in camera reviews and development, Bloom’s expertise is evident in the design and performance of the Bloom Gold Lens Filter.

The filter comes in the most popular sizes to ensure compatibility with a wide range of lenses and cameras, available in diameters of 49mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm. This versatility makes it an essential accessory for photographers and videographers looking to enhance their images with the filter’s unique effects.

Crafted with precision, the Bloom Gold Lens Filter features a three-layer construction, including an anti-reflective ring coating, ensuring optimal image quality. Each filter is meticulously hand-assembled, using only the highest quality components, meeting the strictest UK standards. The use of SCHOTT B270i optical glass in its construction guarantees outstanding clarity and durability.

The filter’s design also includes 3D diffractive particles, which play a crucial role in achieving the desired halation effect and golden hue. The construction is completed with aircraft-grade aluminium, ensuring a long-lasting and durable product that withstands the rigors of professional use.

Photographers can expect a noticeable difference in their images, as the Bloom Gold Lens Filter adds depth, warmth, and artistic flair to both colour photographs.

The Bloom Gold Lens Filter is now available for purchase

For more information and to buy the Bloom Gold Lens Filter, visit formatt-hitech’s official website.

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