News |Flickr to close Marketplace licensing scheme

Flickr to close Marketplace licensing scheme

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Flickr will close down its Marketplace licensing program in the next several months, the photo-sharing website has announced.

The move comes as a result of ‘consistent feedback’ from users that the service wasn’t as good as its competitors.

TechCrunch has published an email from a Flickr Marketplace user explaining the reasons for the closure and confirmed it with the photo-sharing website:

“Thank you for being a valuable member of the Flickr Marketplace licensing program. Over the past year we have received feedback from several of you regarding your experience around licensing and royalties. It was our hope to create the right Marketplace for our contributors, but based on consistent feedback, we understand there is more work to be done.

As a result, we have decided to close the Flickr Marketplace licensing program. This closure will take place over the next few months. Once all licensed photos are removed from our distribution channels, we will communicate the completion of the closure to you. Until then, your images may still be licensed, and you will receive any royalties due to you under the current licensing terms.

If you have thoughts and feedback about your experience in the program, we encourage you to fill out the attached survey. Your response could help shape possible decisions for any licensing opportunities in the future. [url removed]

Thank you for your participation in the Flickr Marketplace. We wish you all the best in your future licensing endeavors.

Sincere regards,
The Marketplace Team | Flickr”

The important thing to note here is that any outstanding royalties will be honoured by Flickr.


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