News |Enhance your drone imagery with Skylum AirMagic

Enhance your drone imagery with Skylum AirMagic

Skylum AirMagic

Skylum has announced a new image enhancement package specially designed for drone imagery. As this new application transforms your aerial images it has been suitably named AirMagic.

Taking a high vantage point confronts drone pilots with a new set of image quality issues that often differ for images shot on the ground.

Haze can be a far greater issue as can detail and colour and its these image quality components that AirMagic aims to tackle.

The application uses Skylums advanced auto image analysis to check each image for enhancements that can be made. This means that you can leave the software to plough through multiple images at once leaving you time to get out and fly.

As well as the straight auto enhancement AirMagic also comes packed with a variety of creative styles. These are all built in so there’s no need to spend on additional filters.

The software has also been designed with built-in enhancements for many DJI, Parrot and Yuneec drones.

AirMagic will be available as a standalone product or as a plugin for Apple Photos, Photoshop and Lightroom.

AirMagic is available for pre-order now. For more details on AirMagic check out

Enhance your drone imagery with AirMagic
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Enhance your drone imagery with AirMagic
Drone images suffer from image quality issues which are unique to their high vantage point. AirMagic is tunes to quickly enhance haze, colour and detail.
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Camera Jabber
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