Elinchrom launches ‘powerful’ ELB 500 TTL flash system

Elinchrom launches ‘powerful’ ELB 500 TTL flash system

Elinchrom has announced the ELB 500 TTL flash system – price tag £1,499 / $1,899 / €1,699 – which it is calling ‘the most powerful and portable TTL light ever designed’ and boasts features including TTL, High Speed Sync, Active Charging and Full Asymmetry with built-in Skyport.

The Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL is so powerful, the company says, it can overpower the sun and delivers 400 flashes at full power on a single charge. In fact, Elinchrom says it provides 10x more power than traditional speedlites.

The ELB 500 TTL’s native Q-Mount (Quadra Mount) is also compatible with Elinchrom’s Portalite series of softboxes and can work with any full-sized Elinchrom light modifiers.

Meanwhile Elinchrom’s Active Charging feature allows users to charge the ELB 500 TTL battery while actively shooting.

Other features include Manual Lock functionality that lets photographers ‘lock’ their exposure in TTL and then switch to manual mode to further adjust their exposure.

Elinchrom says the ELB 500 TTL’s small size enables it to be mounted on a camera bracket or boom arm, and it offers a recycling time of 2secs while set to max power.

For more information, visit Elinchrom’s website.