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EIZO launches ColorNavigator 7

EIZO ColorNavigator 7

A monitor just displays the output from your computer, right?

We’ll not exactly, a monitor is a precision tool, and like all precision tools, especially when technology is concerned, there’s plenty going on in the background.

Eizo has just announced ColorNavigator 7, a powerful software tool that forms a large part of their monitor packages. The software is free to download but requires one of their monitors in order to work.

It essentially enables you to monitor, tune and adjust your monitor’s settings with accuracy and ease that just isn’t possible with on-screen buttons.

It features options for fast calibration for those monitors with a screen calibration device built in. For those without the software is also compatible with third-party calibrators.

It also offers a fast way to set-up and switch between profiles, so you can have one for photography, video, design and print as an example.

ColorNavigator 7 adds new features for media and entertainment

As video popularity expands and the use of Film Emulation with 3D LUT is more common the software enables you to adjust the display to matches the look of the film on the monitor.

These days using one machine for everything is uncommon, with switchers being used to shift between laptop and desktop, or multiple laptops being used for different tasks.

ColorNavigator 7 enables you to store the monitor calibration on the monitor rather than the machine. This means that once the monitor is calibrated you can plugin any computer and the original calibration is retained.

Ensuring accurate colour for print

ColorNavigator 7 has a host of features designed to ensure that the colours you see on screen will reflect those that you see when you print.

The fine-tuned manual calibration enables you to easily adjust the print proofing targets hue and saturation for all six primary and secondary colours as well as greyscale to ensure the closest match.

For a full list of compatible devices visit the ColorNavigator 7 Software page on

EIZO launch ColorNavigator 7
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EIZO launch ColorNavigator 7
Behind the scenes of the pro Eizo monitor range is the superb ColorNavitor 7 software. Advanced features enable fast calibration and manual control
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