DxOMark ranks iPhone 8 Plus as ‘the best smartphone camera we’ve ever tested’

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DxOMark has completed its review of the iPhone 8 Plus and declared it to be the best smartphone camera it’s ever tested.

DxO posted its review today, along with the iPhone 8, which came second best. Both Apple phones bump the Google Pixel down to number three in its rankings. Of course, Google has all but said it’s launching its next iteration of the Pixel on 4 October.

DxO says:

The Apple iPhone 8 Plus is the best-performing mobile device camera we have ever tested. Its overall DxOMark Mobile score of 94 sets a new record, beating out the 90 points for both the Google Pixel and the HTC U11, as well as the 92 that its sibling iPhone 8 just scored.

Its Photo score of 96 is also a new record, blowing past the Pixel’s 90. For Video, its score of 89 is among our highest, but tied with the HTC U11 and slightly below the Pixel’s 91.

Most telling to us in DxOMark’s review was this series of images showing the evolution in image quality from previous generations of iPhones leading up to the 8 Plus.

DxOMark ranks iPhone 8 Plus as ‘the best smartphone camera we’ve ever tested’

iPhone comparison images by DxOMark

DxOMark goes on to say in its verdict:

Overall, the Apple iPhone 8 Plus is an excellent choice for the needs of nearly every smartphone photographer. It features outstanding image quality, zoom for those needing to get closer to their subjects, and an industry-leading Portrait mode for artistic efforts.

It is at the top of our scoring charts in nearly every category — and in particular, its advanced software allows it to do an amazing job of capturing high-dynamic range scenes and images in which it can recognize faces.

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