News |DxOMark declares iPhone 7 camera Apple’s best yet

DxOMark declares iPhone 7 camera Apple’s best yet

iPhone 7 Sample Images

The iPhone 7 camera has ‘very few weaknesses’ and outperforms all of its predecessors in the Apple line-up, according to DxOMark.

The firm, which is renowned for its in-depth lab tests of camera sensors, lenses and camera phones, just published its results of the iPhone 7 camera tests and found that it outperforms the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

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“Apple’s newest iPhone camera offers great exposures with wide dynamic range, accurate white balance and color rendering, as well as good detail preservation when shooting outdoors in bright daylight, thus ensuring a high Photo sub-score of 86 points,” DxO writes.

The firm says that the iPhone 7 also performed well in its video quality tests, demonstrating ‘remarkable stabilization,’ fast autofocus and the ability to capture fine details and vivid color in bright light.

The latter is thanks to Apple’s support for the Digital Cinema (DCI-P3) color gamut for JPEG images, rather than the traditional sRGB color space, which renders a richer palette of colors.

Overall, the iPhone 7 earned a total score of 85 points.

DxO states that its tests of the iPhone 7 Plus camera are still ongoing.


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iPhone 7 sample images


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