News |DxO to release new version of Nik Collection software in 2018

DxO to release new version of Nik Collection software in 2018

DxO acquires Nik Collection from Google, to launch new version in 2018

DxO will launch a new version of the popular Nik Collection photo editing software in 2018, the company has announced.

DxO confirmed the news in a Google+ post to its followers, but stopped short of giving any specific dates. The post reads:

Dear Nik Collection users,

We at DxO are very pleased to welcome the Nik community!
We wish you a very happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year: may you be inspired to take spectacular photos in 2018!

Like you, we are passionate about photography and image quality. That’s why we view this opportunity with Nik as a commitment to ensure that you — that all of us who enjoy taking photos — are guaranteed to have the very best solutions at our disposal.

You’ll be happy to know that our developers are enthusiastically working on a new version of the Nik Collection to be released in 2018!

DxO acquired the Nik Collection from Google earlier this year after the search giant announced previously that it would cease supporting the product.

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