News |DxO PhotoLab 7.6 enhanced precision and control in photo editings

DxO PhotoLab 7.6 enhanced precision and control in photo editing

Feature-rich tools meet cutting-edge technology in the latest update

DxO Photolab 7.6

DxO continues to enhance the power of its photo editing software with the announcement of the latest update to its PhotoLab series. DxO PhotoLab 7.6 rolls out a suite of new features that cater to both the creative and technical demands of photographers. The update is marked by significant enhancements in colour management, local adjustments, and overall user interface.

At the heart of PhotoLab 7.6 are its image correction tools, which build on DxO’s pioneering Optics Modules. These modules, renowned for maximizing the performance of specific camera and lens combinations, apply corrections automatically based on metadata. This ensures optimal sharpness and quality without the uniform sharpening found in other software, recognizing the unique characteristics of each lens.

DxO’s dedication to image quality extends into noise reduction with its DeepPRIME technologies, offering unprecedented detail recovery. Meanwhile, the software’s colour fidelity capabilities ensure accurate colour rendition throughout the editing process.

The update introduces a further enhanced interface for local adjustments, now rehoused in its own panel to enhance workflow efficiency. Photographers can use DxO’s exclusive U Point™ technology for precise edits without the complexity of layers. The inclusion of Control Points and Control Lines allows for adjustments based on luminance or chrominance, making it easier to apply nuanced edits.

For creatives, PhotoLab 7.6 expands its artistic tools with new Look Up Tables (LUTs) and DxO Styles. These additions provide instant access to a range of colour and tonal adjustments, making it simple to apply complex edits with a single click. The new ColorWheel tool enhances this capability, offering intuitive control over hue, saturation, and luminance within local adjustments.

Photo management has also received an upgrade, supporting a catalogue-free workflow that allows for faster image browsing and indexing. Enhanced export options include customizable settings for file size, location, and colour profiles, streamlining the process from editing to output.

With PhotoLab 7.6, DxO enhances the tools available to photographers and improves their integration into a cohesive workflow.

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Price: £209. Please check DxO’s website for the latest information

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