DJI to boost Mavic Air performance with new firmware

New compact DJI Mavic Air drone can fit in your pocket

DJI has teased an ‘upcoming firmware update’ for its Mavic Air drone that will improve stability and boost its performance.

No specific date is given for the Mavic Air firmware update’s release, but DJI says it is aimed improving the drone’s overall performance.

Among the key changes the firmware will bring are improved stability during ActiveTrack, for smoother tracking on the move.

DJI says the update will also improve aircraft and controller linking. The update should also enhance the Mavic Air’s Intelligent Battery functionality to provide more accurate battery time management.

Once the firmware has been released and downloaded, you must then restart your aircraft and remote controller for the the upgrade to be complete.

Last month DJI updated the Mavic Air to include support for SmartCapture without a remote control, optimised transmission quality and support for using the DJI Goggles Head Tracking Flight feature.