News |DJI reveals new drone software, hardware technology for businessess

DJI reveals new drone software, hardware technology for businesses

DJI launches M200 drone series for commercial users

DJI has announced a range of new software and hardware launches that it hopes will encourage businesses to adopt drones into their daily operations.

Announced at DJI’s AirWorks user conference, the company says its new advancements should appeal to multiple industries.

Among the key announcements was DJI FlightHub, a new web-based platform that helps businesses manage their drone operations and keep track of flight data, drone fleets and pilot teams, etc.

DJI also announced new tools for drone solution developers. With more than 2.7 million activations, DJI has launched new drone technology for its SDK, including:

Onboard Vision System Access, which gives developers new ways to tap into the drones’ visual recognition systems, helping them develop unique autonomous drone solutions.
DJI Wind 4 and DJI Wind 8, which are two new drones that can be customised by developers for complex tasks, such as those requiring unique sensor payloads or increased stability in challenging weather conditions.

Click here for more of DJI’s AirWorks announcements.

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