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DJI Payload SDK released

DJI Zenmuse XT2

DJI’s new Payload SDK (Software Development Kit) is a savvy move by the commercial drone market leaders.

The SDK enables you to have access to the heart of the drone so that you can develop your own applications.

The concept is far from new, and most other large scale commercial drone manufacturers either offer their own or a 3rd party solution. These SDK’s enable you to take control of the drone and any peripherals you plugin to it, essentially enabling you to customise your drone.

However, if you’re thinking of turning your Spark army into the next Vegas style drone light show, think again. At around £10,000 a year for the Payload SDK licence you have to be doing something pretty serious to qualify the cost.

That and the Payload SDK is designed for DJI’s Pro level drones rather than the more fun consumer level.

The Payload SDK has been designed to enable the DJI Matrice 200 Series to interface with non-DJI cameras, sensors and payloads such as air-to-ground communication and other tools.

The ability to integrate with the DJI system will find wide appeal for industry, from farmers to engineers and emergency service who often develop their own tools to suit their fields of work.

Now the ability to integrate seamlessly through the DJI Skyport gimbal adapter, circuit board and API will open up a whole new area for development and possibility.

This isn’t one for everyone, but for those working with drones in a professional capacity the SDK will find wide-reaching appeal. .

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