News |DJI Mavic Pro vs Phantom 4 raw DNG stills comparison

DJI Mavic Pro vs Phantom 4 raw DNG stills comparison


Fresh off debunking the focus issue some drone photographers reported with the DJI Mavic Pro, photographer Michael Shainblum tested the new new DJI drone against the Phantom 4 to see how they compare in terms of image quality.

Flying both DJI drones over the same scene, Shainblum recorded a series of still DNG files from the Mavic and Phantom 4 drones, then analysed them on the computer.

Apart from some slight colour shifting, which he later found out from DJI is due to using the beta model of the drone and the camera and software were not yet fully aligned, Shainblum found the image sharpness pretty much equal.

Colours were vivid and accurately rendered, and while the Mavic Pro displayed some noise, it wasn’t much. But see for yourself!


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