DJI launches new Battery Station for filmmakers

DJI launches new Battery Station for filmmakers

DJI has announced a new battery station for its Intelligent Battery TB50, which can charge up to eight batteries at one time.

The DJI Battery Station employs three charging modes – Normal, Quick and Silent – to provide the correct power management for your shoot. In Quick Mode, for instance, DJI says the Battery Station can charge a TB50 to 90% in just 35 minutes.

It can also charge other DJI devices, such as the Inspire 2 remote controller and the WB37 Intelligent Battery via the station’s multiple charing ports. DJI says it can also charge mobile devices via its USB ports.

DJI says its Battery Station also offers a discharging system that brings batteries up to 25% for transportation and 50% for storage.

As well as charging, the DJI Battery Station also provides information about the status of your batteries, and it can be used to update their firmware.

The DJI Battery Station is built within a wheeled case that can store up to 12 TB50 Intelligent Batteries, two WB37 Intelligent Batteries and one WCH2 Charging Hub4.

The DJI Battery Station price tag is $1,199 and can be purchased from DJI’s web store.