News |DJI launches M200 drone series for commercial users

DJI launches M200 drone series for commercial users

DJI launches M200 drone series for commercial users

DJI has announced a new Matrice 200 range of drones aimed at commercial and industrial users.

The DJI M200 series of drones is designed for performing aerial inspections and gathering data, DJI says.

The M200 drones boast a folding body design that is weather- and water-resistant for use in all weather. It also employs DJI’s first upward-facing gimbal mount, which allows pilots to fly the Matrice 200 up the undersides of bridges, towers and other structures for closer inspection.

The M200 is compatible with DJI’s X4S and X5S cameras, as well as the Z30 zoom camera and XT camera for thermal imaging.

It offers a forward-facing first-person view camera, allowing a pilot and a camera operator to monitor separate images on dual controllers.

The M200 series is also equipped with an integrated flight controller, featuring two IMUs and a GNSS unit.

The DJI M200 can also fly for up to 35 minutes with a mounted camera thanks to a dual battery set-up.

The DJI Matrice 200 series comes in three versions. The standard M200 is equipped with one downward-facing gimbal mount. The M210 opens up for multiple payload configurations – one single downward facing gimbal mount, two parallel downward-facing gimbal mounts or one upward-facing gimbal mount.

The M210 also features additional connectivity ports to support third party sensors and accessories. The M210 has the capability to support additional sensors in the future and additional payload can be mounted on top of the aircraft.

Meanwhile, the M210 RTK is available with D-RTK modules for centimeter-precision navigation.

Among its safety features are obstacle avoidance sensors facing forward, up and down, along with an ADS-B receiver for advisory traffic information from nearby manned aircraft.

You can find more information about the M200’s applications at DJI’s website.

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