Drone-maker DJI and Epson have announced a joint effort to develop new applications for Epson’s Moverio smart eyewear to help improve the piloting experience of DJI drones.

Epson, known for its printers by most manufacturers, also provides the Moverio augmented reality (AR) smart eyewear platform.

In the first launch of their partnership, DJI will optimise its DJI GO app for Epson’s Moverio BT-300 AR smart glasses.

With the new app, drone pilots will be able to see transparent first person views from the drone camera while wearing the the Moverio glasses.

At the same time the eyewear allows them to keep sight with their drone.

The DJI GO app is compatible with its DJI Phantom, Inspire and Matrice series drone models, as well as the Osmo handheld gimbal and camera.

Epson and DJI will co-market the Moverio BT-300 as a certified DJI accessory, along with the DJI GO app later this year, they said.

What’s more, the Epson smart glasses will be available to buy on DJI.com while the DJI GO app will be available for download from the Moverio Apps Market.


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