News |Discover how to backup your image files on World Back Up Day

Discover how to backup your image files on World Back Up Day

World Back Up Day

Storage my not be the most glamorous subject surrounding photography, but unless you take it seriously and back-up correctly, it’s very likely at some point you’re going to suffer a cataclysmic disaster. March the 31st marks World Back-Up Day, a day dedicated to the subject of backup.

Back-up and storage options might be as far from the forefront of photographic discussion as you can get, frankly who wants to talk about gigabytes or even terabytes of hard drive disk space, flash drives and optical storage when you can spend that time talking about the latest sexy photograph of Kit.

Storage really does get a pretty raw deal seeing as how without it we be unable to store all of the precious images. Yet while we maintain our cameras, clean our lenses and ensure that our kit is safely protected within expensive padded bags, we rarely give the hard drives that store our data a second thought.

Well  that’s all going to change with the 31st of March. This marks World back up day and is the one day we should really our attentions from photography to the essential of backing up images.

The reason is simple especially when you consider what can happen when a drive with your images fails – there’s no two ways about it, you’re going to loose all those images, there will be no way back and now easy way to recover what was once easily accessed.

World Back-Up day has been designed to bring awareness about the importance of backing up your files; be that music, video or in the case of us, our images files.

To find out more details about World Back Up Day visit and more about storage solutions at the Verbatim website for some essential tips on how to protect your data.

Create a back-up on World Back-up Day

As a rough overview on how to get started, let’s look at the 3-to-1 backup system.

This basically dictates that you should have three copies of every file, one on your local drive, one copy reflected on the local backup drive and another online.

The first back-up copy can be made using either Time Machine (OSX) or an application like Nero backitup (Windows). The online back-up needs to be secure using a service such as Backblaze. You can sign-up to the unlimited cloud back-up solution at , with prices from just $5 a month.

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