Delkin launches new premium line of XQD cards

Delkin launches new premium line of XQD cards

Delkin has announced a new line of XQD card, introducing the Premium 2933X range, price tag beginning at £190.

Delkin’s new Premium 2933X cards are available in capacities of 64GB (priced £190/$140), 120GB (priced £290/$230) and 240GB (priced £580/$464).

The new Delkin XQD cards offer write speeds up to 400MB/s and read speeds of up to 440MB/s. The Delkin cards are designed for recording high-resolution content in burst modes, including DCI 4K and Full HD video at 180fps, as well as raw still images.

What’s more, Delkin’s Premium 2933X cards are serialised and users can register their cards at Delkin’s website to ensure a lifetime warranty.

In addition to their “Lifetime Warranty” policy, Delkin also offers a built-in insurance policy for their XQD memory cards, called their “48 Hour, No-Questions-Asked Replacement Guarantee.”

Under this agreemet, Delkin will replace any non-working XQD card within 48 hours or less (not including weekends), prior to receiving your non-working card. Cards can also be replaced over-the-counter at any authorised Delkin XQD reseller.