News |Canon EOS R5 C: price, specs, release date revealed

Canon EOS R5 C: price, specs, release date revealed

Canon EOS R5 C: price, specs, release date revealed

Canon has announced the EOS R5 C, price tag £4,499.99 / $4,499, a new hybrid shooting camera that can capture 8K 12-bit video at up to 60p, as well as 45MP stills.

The Canon EOS R5 C bridges the EOS R and Cinema EOS lines, combining the stills and 8K capabilities of the EOS R5 with some of the signature features of Canon Cinema EOS cameras. To this end, the EOS R5 C has stills and video modes, like most cameras, but when you put the camera into stills mode it employs the familiar Canon EOS menus system, while in video mode these are replaced by Cinema EOS menus.

Videographers will appreciate the new Canon camera’s ability to shoot internal full-frame 8K video at up to 60p in 12-bit Cinema Raw Light, which is optimised for HDR. However, it’s worth noting that the R5 C must be connected to an external power source to shoot 8K at 60p. Other options include internal Super 35 at up to 5.9K at 60p and Super 16 at up to 2.9K at 60p.

Slow motion fans will appreciate the ability to shoot slow motion videos in 4K at 120p with audio recording (sound can be captured as a separate file).

As well as 12-bit Raw you can also record in Raw HQ, Raw ST, Raw LT, HDMI Raw, XF-AVC YCC 4:2:2 10-bit, MP4 / HEVC YCC 4:2:2 10-bit, MP4 / HPEC YCC 4:2:0 10-bit, and MP4 / H.264 YCC 4:2:0 8-bit.

Also new is Canon’s Dual Base ISO technology, which differs from the Dual Gain Output tech in previous cameras like the EOS C70. While the C70 offers fixed ISO sensitivities, with a base at ISO 800 and Dual Gain from ISO 160 to 25600, the EOS R5 C provides different base ISOs according to your chosen gamma settings.

Canon has also incorporated a fan into the body design to help cool the camera during filming and prolong its use. This adds more weight and a bigger body compared to the R5, measuring in at 142 x 101 x 111mm and weighing 680g. The EOS R5 C body is also fully weather-sealed.

For stills, the Canon EOS R5 C can shoot 45-megapixel stills and shoot at 20fps, just like the EOS R5. It also features the same Dual Pixel CMOS AF II autofocus system with Animal AF, as well as the same EVF and LCD.

Canon EOS R5 C Price & Release Date

The Canon EOS R5 C price tag is £4,499.99 / $4,499 for the camera body only, with a release date set for March 2022.

You can pre-order the Canon EOS R5 C from retailers such as B&H Photo Video and Wex Photo Video.


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