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Best tripods for smartphones in 2021

Best Smartphone Tripods

As the Huawei P30 Pro leaps the quality of smartphone imagery forward more people than ever are using their mobile devices for serious photography.

What the Huawei P30 Pro and other new phones have managed to do is to include features that we previously only available to photographers using interchangeable lens cameras.

Now features such as long exposures, time-lapse and night shot mode enables you to capture professional creative shots. While many smartphones boast that these shots long exposure shots can be taken handheld, some type of support will help to improve the quality.

Compact mini tripods are a great solution but recently we’ve seen larger traditional tripods featuring smartphone adapters as manufacturers keep up with the changing times.

If you’re a big fan of the creative shot that the latest smartphones offer and want to get the best possible quality, here’s our round up of the best tripods for smartphones.

Vanguard Veo2Go 235CB

Vanguard Veo2Go 365CB

The biggest first. The Veo2Go 235CB is the smallest of the latest Go range from Vanguard. It’s a fully featured travel tripod so is suitable for your DSLR or Mirrorless as well as your Smart Phone.

If you’re series about getting the shot and need a tripod that offers good height and is usable anywhere then the Vanguard Veo2Go 235CB stands out against the rest.


3 Legged Thing Iggy

3LT Iggy

This compact three-legged thing is one of the lightest in the group. Made from high impact plastic to keep the weight down but maximise strength Iggy is a convenient option.

In the box alongside the tripod which can be used with conventional cameras, the Iggy comes with its own universal smartphone adapter in the box.

Manfrotto Pixi with Universal SmartPhone Adapter

Manfrotto Mini Tripod with Universal Smartphone Clamp

The Pixi was the mini tripod the repopularised the format. Made from metal the Pixi has a high-quality feel but does weigh in at more than most of the other mini tripods.

However, being Manfrotto there’s no doubting the quality and the Pixi in all its different forms has a proven track record and faithful following.


Vanguard Vesta Mini

Vanguard Vesta Mini Tripod

Recently released and joining a formidable line-up the Vesta Mini is another all-metal affair. The solid construction is far more streamlined than the competition making it a great lightweight solution.

A nice feature of the Vesta is that that the three legs are linked, so pull down one and the other three follow. This makes it quick to set up and packs away. As mini tripods go this is one of the best.


Benro BK10

Benro BK10

The BK10 is a nifty all in one solution and even features BlueTooth to remotely release the shutter. As a small tripod, the BK10 works well and the included smartphone adapter enables you to easily position and set up your shots.

Best travel tripods in 2019

Where this mini tripod stands out is that it can quickly adapt to a selfie stick. Just pull out the centre column and off you go.



Gitzo Mini Traveler Review

Premium tripod manufacturer Gitzo has recently released its own mini tripod and it’s stunning. Carbon legs, Gitzo design and build quality and of course it has a Gitzo price to match.

This is mini tripod that will last a lifetime and will fit neatly in your Ferrari’s glove box next to the Leica.


Rollei Tablet Holder

Rollei Tablet Holder

Looking like a traditional tripod with leg supports the Rollie is another full-scale travel tripod with a smartphone adapter. This is a great choice if you’re off on holiday and packing a larger camera alongside your Smartphone.


Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand for Smartphones

Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand for Smartphones

Need something a little different the Joby GripTight GorillaPod enables you to find support almost anywhere. If the grounds uneven then that won’t bother this bendy support, just adjust the legs to fit.

No ground then this is where the Gorillapod family really come into their own, just wrap the legs around a post, your are or jam them into a gap, the GorillaPod is by far one of the most versatile support options out there.


Best tripods for smartphones
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