News |Benro’s Hiker Drone bags are designed for today’s aerial photographers

Benro’s Hiker Drone bags are designed for today’s aerial photographers

Hiker Drone

Drone photography is all about capturing stunning scenery, but more often than not it takes a hike to reach those ideal locations. Seeing what was needed by todays drone photographers Benro has launched two Hiker Drone models the 250N and 350N.

The 250N is specially designed for those wanting to transport a drone to a location and features an sizeable inner cavity of 290 x 200 x 430 mm. This space is sectioned with padded divides that can be customised to suite the shape and size of your drone. The space has been to designed to accommodate the popular shape of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro or 3DR Solo but can be easily adapted as needed.

The 350N Hiker Drone is the slightly larger of the two, with additional space so that along side your drone you can easily pack in your SLR along with a few essential extras. Again there’s plenty of room for a Phantom 4 Pro. The inner cavity measures 310 x 200 x 490 mm.

Comfortable carrying system that spreads the weight

Both back packs feature a comfortable harness and Benro’s ventilation system which helps to spread the load. Making sure that all your kit remains safe the base of the packs have been made waterproof which will help to protect your kit from moisture when set down on the ground.

The Hiker Drone 250N is on sale for £110 and the Hiker Drone 350N is just slightly more at £130. For more information check out


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