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Benro Incognito S20 review

Benro Incognito S20 review

The Benro Incognito S20 is a new small shoulder bag launched by the tripod- and bag-maker that is small and compact enough to double as a handbag. Sort of a junior version of its sibling, the Benro Incognito, the S20 employs the range’s signature roll-top system, only on a smaller scale.

Benro’s Incognito range of bags is aimed at providing photographers with a more discreet system for carrying their gear, and the bags and backpacks in the range don’t look like traditional bags with all their many zippers and clips.

Instead, Benro Incognito bags are designed a bit more discreetly. The main compartment where you store your camera and lenses is in the lower section of the bags, with access from the rear for security.

A compartment on top is accessed via a roll-top opening, and this is intended for personal items such as food, clothing or whatever you take with you on your days out.

All versions of the Incognito offer this style of design in varying degrees of size. The Benro Incognito, as the smallest in the range, offers internal dimensions of 19.1 x 16.5 x 11.4cm and weighs just 500g.

There is no laptop compartment like the other bags in the Incognito range, but the Incognito S20 offers an outer compartment for small accessories like memory cards, batteries and cables. There are also two side pockets with clips where you can, in theory, attach a small, compact travel tripod.

The main compartment of the Benro Incognito S20 can hold a mirrorless or DSLR camera with an attached lens, plus another accessory such as a flashgun. Its interior is customisable via padded dividers that you can move and reattach with Velcro.

Finally, an adjustable shoulder strap lets you fine-tune the Incognito S20 to your height.

Benro Incognito S20 review: performance

Benro Incognito S20 review: performance

A shoulder bag only has a couple key jobs in life: to be comfortable and to offer quick access to your camera gear. I’m pleased to say, the Benro Incognito S20 does just that.

The main compartment is deceptively large and surprisingly easy to access. In testing the Incognito backpack I found the rear access to the main compartment meant I had to take the pack all the way off, but the Incognito S20 I could simply twist around with its strap still over my shoulder and remove my camera.

As you can see in the image above, I was able to fit my Fuji X-Pro1 with 18mm f/2 lens attached, plus the Vuze 360 camera I recently reviewed and, which you can’t really see at this angle, in the third slot (all customised by me to fit my gear) my GoPro Hero5, a Lume Cube LED light for the GoPro and a mini tripod.

And that was just the main compartment. In the roll-top section on top I kept a Manfrotto PIXI tripod, a Lexar JumpDrive Tough flash drive and a waterproof jacket.

I was also able to fit the Benro Slim carbon fibre tripod into one of the side pockets, but I’ll be honest, it wasn’t most comfortable fit. If the tripod was any taller it wouldn’t be feasible.

The Benro Incognito S20 isn’t really designed to carry a tripod, but my point is that you could, in a pinch, carry a lightweight, compact tripod if you really wanted to. And that’s a solid plus in my book, particularly for a bag that costs just £35.

As for its second goal in life, the Benro Incognito S20’s shoulder strap is padded and perfectly comfortable to wear slung over your shoulder for an entire day. You can even customise to your desired height.

Benro Incognito camera bag review

Benro Incognito S20 review: verdict

The Benro Incognito S20 does everything you could possibly want it to do, and more. At its price point, it’s far and away more comfortable and versatile than other options I’ve used, even the shoulder bag I have in my own personal collection.

If you are creative with the customisable dividers and space available, the Incognito S20 can house far more gear than it advertises. Benro says you can fit a DSLR with an attached lens, plus another accessory. But if you shoot with a mirrorless camera and your lenses are small, like I do, you can really add a lot to the space.

At a price tag of around £35, the Benro Incognito is a great bargain of space, comfort, versatility and superior build quality.

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