News |Auto edit your action camera videos with GoPro’s new apps

Auto edit your action camera videos with GoPro’s new apps


GoPro’s compact tough go anywhere camera design means that we can now capture action in a way that wasn’t possible before.

GoPro QuikHowever whilst the GoPro Hero cameras make it easier for us to capture video there’s still the process of editing and uploading movies to their final destination.

To help tackle video editing on the move GoPro have announced two new mobile apps, Quik and Splice. These will join their existing GoPro mobile app that enables you to connect wirelessly from the GoPro to your mobile device.

The two new apps are both designed to make editing on the move easier, with Splice giving you desktop style video editing tools on your mobile and Quik taking editing to another level by automatic editing your selected footage.

The new Quik app enables a fast no fuss way to edit video. Just download the clips that you want from your days shoot, select a sound track and then click OK. Quik will then automatically check the content and edit the footage along to the sound track, together with effects and transitions.

Quick features 28 striking styles which include a variety of filters, transitions, graphics and fonts. These graphics and fonts can be customised and changed so you can still take control of the movie if you want.

Quik is available for iOS and Android and is free.

Click here for the iOS version of Quik

Click here for the Android version of Quik



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