News |Atomos updates the Ninja V, Ninja V+, AtomoX Cast

Atomos updates the Ninja V, Ninja V+, AtomoX Cast

Atomos Ninja V+

Although the Atomos Ninja V+ has been introduced, Atomos is keen to demonstrate that the Atomos Ninja V is still current and has introduced an update for both monitor recorders to extend their raw video recording capability.

The Ninja V+ has the same form factor and accessory compatibility as the Ninja V but with much more processing power.

Ninja V and Ninja V+ AtomOS 10.71 update

With the latest update, the Ninja V+ Pro-Kit (or Ninja V+ with the AtomX SDI Unit and SDI RAW activation) will support ProRes RAW recording from the Sony FS5, FS5MKII, FS700, and FS700r with continuous output directly from the sensor up to 2K 240fps, 4K 60fps and 4K 120fps for 4second bursts.

It’s also possible to output 4K 60fps raw and 2K raw up to 240fps from the Sony FS7 or FS7MKII with the addition of the XDCA-FS7 module.  

In addition, the Canon EOS R5 can output up to 5K raw to the Atomos Ninja V or 8K raw to the Ninja V+. 

Meanwhile, Panasonic Lumix BS1H users can use the Ninja V or the Ninja V+ to record 5.9K 30fps, 4.1K 60fps or 3.5K 50fps anamorphic footage.

Follow the link to download the Ninja V or Ninja V+ firmware updates.

Atomos Ninja V+ Cast

AtomX Cast update

Atomos has also announced an update to its modular switcher accessory for the Ninja V and now the Ninja V+.

As well as adding compatibility with the Ninja V+, the update adds picture overlays, Picture-in-Picture (PiP) recording and a dip to black/white transition. This introduces the ability to record both the clean program feed or record with TX graphics, PiP, and transitions directly to SSD, which is useful for creating speedy live productions.

Other updates include support for interlaced inputs, an option for audio delay and bug fixes.  

Atomos is promising some great deals around Black Friday.


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1 year ago

Did they remove the link for download for the V+? Its not showing in my browser, only the release notes.