News |Aquatica launches $1800 underwater housing for the Panasonic GH5

Aquatica launches $1800 underwater housing for the Panasonic GH5

Aquatica launches $1800 underwater housing for the Panasonic GH5

Aquatica has debuted a new underwater housing for the Panasonic GH5, the Aquatica AGH5, which costs nearly as much as the camera itself.

The rugged Aquatica AGH5 priced at $1800, is designed for professional use and boasts some improvements over its predecessor for the GH4, Aquatica says.

New to the Aquatica AGH5 are self-aligning controls, which means you no longer need to align the controls on your camera before closing the housing.

New spring-loaded On-Off and Focus mode levers are designed to ‘find their own way,’ as Aquatica describes it, once the housing is closed.

The Aquatica AGH5 housing also offers a new Shutter lever design, promising easier access to the front dial control knob.

You’ll also find two levers under your thumb for adjusting the GH5’s ISO and White Balance.

Aquatica says it has also brought the shutter lever and AF/AE Lock lever closer together on the AGH5 for simultaneous operation.

What’s more, the AGH5 accounts for the GH5’s new programmable Fn2 and Fn5 buttons.

Other features of the AGH5 housing include an improved and self-powered flash trigger when ordered with Optical connectors. This flash trigger is powered by two lithium coin cell batteries that will give you a minimum of 15,000 flashes per set.

Aquatica says the OPT version is designed to trigger strobes optically by firing low-power consumption LEDs.

What’s more, Aquatica says users can swap the AGH5’s optical bulkhead plate to fit a Nikonos or an Ikelite style connector.

The Aquatica AGH5 price tag includes the housing, built-in leak sensor, handles, your choice of flash connections, LED trigger (with OPT version), eyepiece and more.

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