News |Apeman debuts TRAWO 4K Action Camera

Apeman debuts TRAWO 4K Action Camera

Apeman TRAWO 4K Action Camera

The Apeman Trawo 4K is the companies flagship camera and with 4K at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps hits the mark when it comes to specifications.

Unlike many other action cameras, the Trawo utilises a Panasonic MN34120 sensor and Hisilicon HI3559 processor. This combination of technology highlights a growing trend in the industry and has so far produced some excellent cameras that balance quality and price.

The simple design of the camera instantly stands out with clean simple edges. The 40m waterproof housing stands out instantly with a refined take on the tried and tested design.

The lens that fronts the case is smooth and flat which makes it ideal for both muddy and wet conditions, offering a surface that’s easy to wipe clean.

The housing layout has also been thought about with the side locking lever and large flat buttons that make it easy to operate even with gloves. The closed design of these buttons also means that they won’t get jammed with mud and silt.

I’ll test out how good this new case is once our review unit arrives.

To ensure optical quality the camera features seven layers of glass lenses with UV protection and an IR filter. These filters and the design of the lenses help to reduce the effects of colour dispersion, aberration and distortion.

This lens has a fix f/1.8 aperture and ultra wide 170º field-of-view.

The camera also offers some manual control enabling the adjustment of the exposure compensation, ISO and White Balance.

As ever there’s the option to shoot stills and capture time-lapse sequences.

To help boost the quality of action footage the camera has built-in EIS which will help smooth out motion.

A review sample will be with us soon and I’ll bring you the full review soon.

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Apeman TRAWO 4K Action Camera
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Apeman TRAWO 4K Action Camera
The Apeman TRAWO 4K Action Camera has arrived featuring 4K video capture at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps. Simple by design, Trawo looks to be a solid performer.
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