Alleged images of Sony A7S III leak online

The Sony A7S III is also rumoured to be able to record 4K video at 120fps

Alleged images of Sony A7S III leak online

First images of what are said to be the Sony A7S III have appeared online, which appear to show a thicker camera body.

Sony Alpha Rumors has posted on Instagram an image it says it has received purporting to show the new Sony camera being tested in the field.

The alleged Sony A7S III camera body is thought to be thicker because Sony has incorporated a heating vent to keep the internal elements from getting to hot.

What’s more, Sony Alpha Rumors says it has heard that the A7S III prototype being tested can shoot 4K video at 120p. Being able to shoot at frame rates such as this, you can begin to see why a heating vent might be useful.

The image isn’t particularly clear, so we can’t tell too much more. We would expect a Sony A7S III release date to come in the new year, possibly as soon as CES in January.

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