News |All new ultra light reflector/diffuser from Lastolite

All new ultra light reflector/diffuser from Lastolite

Lastolite by Manfrotto HaloCompact

One of the most useful pieces of kit for any photographer is a reflector. Just being able to bounce back light towards your model can transform the shot.

Reflectors for stills photography are essential, but with the rise of video, diffusers are an equally important part of any photographer’s arsenal.

A conventional diffuser helps to soften the light in harsh lighting conditions such as direct sunlight. They can also reduce harsh highlights and shadows.

Despite the usefulness of reflectors and diffusers, they’re often left at home because of their size and bulk. Even when conventional reflectors are folded down flat, they’re still relatively large and can be tricky to transport and carry.

Now Lastolite by Manfrotto has developed the all-new HaloCompact. This new design enables you to pack the reflector down, so it’s more portable than ever.

This is made possible by a new lightweight aluminium frame, RapidExoframe, that replaces the more traditional steel rim popup design.

This collapsible design quickly slots together before the reflector, or diffuser fabric is clipped in place.

Packed down the whole package measures just 6.5 x 27 x 6.5 cm and weighs in at 335g. Once expanded to full size, it reaches an impressive 85cm.

Ensuring that it’s easy to handle the aluminium frame features a purpose made grip which features a 1/4-inch thread so it can be mounted if needed.

The HaloCompact Reflector Silver/White will go on sale for £71.95, and the HaloCompact Diffuser, 2 Stop will also retail for £71.95

For more details on the HaloCompact check out

I’ll have a review sample in soon and will let you know how they perform.

All new ultra light reflector/diffuser from Lastolite
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All new ultra light reflector/diffuser from Lastolite
Lastolite by Manfrotto HaloCompact is an all-new reflector / diffuser that reimagines reflector design to enable easier trasportation in a new compact form.
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Camera Jabber
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