Adobe adds selective edits to Lightroom for iOS, speed boost for Android

Adobe adds selective edits Lightroom for iOS, speed boost for Android

Adobe has announced a series of updates to its Lightroom for iOS and Lightroom for Android apps which are now available to download.

Adobe Lightroom for iOS update

Adobe has added a new Selective Brush to Lightroom for iOS, which allows you to selectively pain in adjustments to your images. What’s more, if your iPhone supports 3D Touch, you can alter the effect of your brush by pressing softer or harder as you paint.

Adobe has also added the option to selectively erase both linear and radial gradients.

A new Details tab in Lightroom for iOS lets you take global control over sharpening and noise reduction.

Meanwhile, Adobe says it has also enhanced Lightroom for iOS’s interface to work better in the iPad Pro format.

Adobe Lightroom for Android update

Adobe’s main update for Lightroom for Android is making the app faster. The company says it has redesigned every screen in Lightroom for Android from the ground up. Click here to see some examples.

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