Adobe has accidentally made its Project Nimbus app available to download, which was obtained by several bloggers before the error was spotted.

The Nimbus app was quickly taken down but not before a handful of people downloaded it, including French site MacGeneration.

Based on what it saw when playing around with the Nimbus photo editing app its leaked form, MacGeneration reports that users will get 1TB of space – more than the 20GB typically offered to Creative Cloud customers.

Nimbus also appears to support raw files, lets you store images in the cloud, make edits and synchronise these changes between your devices. You can also rate your images, and Adobe has beefed up its search functionality to help you find your images faster.

Project Nimbus isn’t a surprise, it should be pointed out. Adobe announced its development at its MAX conference and provided a brief demo of its capabilities.

A Nimbus release date remains unknown, but the company has suggested that a beta version could be released later this year.

Via TechCrunch

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