ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 adds HDR, focus stacking, face detection tools

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 adds HDR, focus stacking, face detection tools

ACDSee has announced the latest version of its flagship photo editing software, introducing Photo Studio Ultimate 2020, price tag £119.99/$119.99 or $69/£71.99 via annual subscription.

With ACDSee 2020 the company has added a slew of new features including facial recognition and detection capability, focus stacking, HDR, blended clone and text tool enhancements.

ACDSee says it has also expanded its raw editing capability to support recently announced cameras. These include:

ACDSee explains the new features in Photo Studio Ultimate 2020:

Face Detection & Facial Recognition Updates: Suggested names—ACDSee will suggest possible matches for the faces it finds. People searching—Find images quickly with searches based on photos with suggested names, auto- named, and unnamed. You can now embed face data within an image for safe keeping.

HDR: High Dynamic Range merges a set of images with different exposures to produce a single image with the maximum dynamic range, allowing for more details.

Focus Stacking: A set of the same photos with different focal distances can be combined into one image, bringing the entire photo in focus, allowing you to get more out of your photos.

Blended Clone: A mix of our Smart Erase and Clone tool. This feature is great for removing unwanted elements from an image. Blended Clone copies pixels from a source point and smoothly integrates them into the target area, allowing for a naturally flawless look.

Text Tool: Text is now available in layers. This improvement means text editing is now non-destructive and can be edited at any time.

Resize Canvas: You can resize the canvas around layered content, expanding or cropping, or add solid backgrounds. This makes it easy to create composites.

Rulers/Guidelines: Measure an image in a variety of units (inch, cm, pixel). Drag guidelines across the image with the ability to snap layers, selections, and text to specific positions.