Tutorials |8 camera hacks in 90 seconds

HOW TO... 8 camera hacks in 90 seconds

One of the tenets every experienced photographer holds true is to be ready for anything.

While we can mostly plan our shoots and pack a camera bag to cover what we expect to see, sometimes we’re caught off-guard.

In this great video by Youtuber Peter McKinnon, he shows us eight quick camera hacks you can use in a pinch.

He’s careful to point out these are by no means his go-to methods of getting a shot over his proper gear, but when he’s out in the field and needs to rig something up quickly, these hacks work a treat.

And best of all, most of these tricks he shows you can be done with item you likely have on your person at any given time!


9 simple camera hacks for the DIY photographer
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