News |$3 million investment for under water drone

$3 million investment for under water drone

$3 million investment for under water drone

Unmanned aerial vehicles may have stolen the limelight but their not the only type of drone; you have land and water drones that are equally impressive.

One such sub aqua drone is the GLADIUS Advanced Pro, and we recently received a review sample here at CameraJabber. It’s difficult to miss with it’s bright yellow body work and futuristic design that ultimately enables you to capture life underwater.

The review is well underway, and so far the impressions of this small submersible are exceptional, with a few freshwater tests already complete and just the final dip in the sea coming up soon. This time I will take a wetsuit.

Unlike its air bourne siblings, aquatic drones hit a more specialist market, there’s also far less competition out there, so until now there’s been very few if any options for the consumer market.

The GLADIUS aims to bring sub aqua drone filming to the masses with easy to use hardware and simple controls.

Recognition of the companies potential has resulted in $3 million investment from the Shenzhen Capital Group.

Investment of this level will instantly boost the companies profile. The Shenzhen Capital Group already heavily invests in JD (e-commerce) and Suning (e-commerce) companies.

Investment from such a prominent backer follows on from the successful Indiegogo campaign for the GLADIUS in 2017.

Gladius is designed in-house by a team who had previous experience and expertise gained from working at tech giants LG and Foxconn.

“Our partnership with Shenzhen Capital Group will help accelerate our growth into new markets while better positioning us to execute on our mission to develop and manufacture accessible, portable and high-tech underwater drones,” said Chasing Innovation CMO Jacky Yang. “We’re pleased that a respected, long-term partner like Shenzhen Capital Group shares our view about the incredible opportunities ahead for the submersible drone product category.”

The investment isn’t just to promote the GLADIUS through the existing retail channels, but more to expand on the companies research and development into new products, all very exciting.

For more details on Chasing Innovation, please check out their website

$3 million investment for under water drone
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$3 million investment for under water drone
The company behind GLADIUS the sub aqua drone have just receive a wacking $3 million investment from the Shenzhen Capital Group to spend on research and development. This boost to the company comes after their successful Indiegogo campaign last year
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Camera Jabber
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