News |3 Legged Thing launches Ultra Plates ranges

3 Legged Thing launches Ultra Plates range

Innovative quick release plates revolutionize content creation

3 Legged Things Ultra Plates News

3-Legged Thing has unveiled its latest innovation, the Ultra Plates, designed to transform the way content creators utilize quick-release plates. Available in four lengths, 150mm to 300mm (6–12 inches), these Arca-Swiss compatible long-release plates are tailored for a diverse array of content creators, including photographers, videographers, and wildlife enthusiasts.

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The Ultra Plates series stands out with its unique “Arca Square” feature, enabling users to shift their setup 90° effortlessly, thus providing enhanced versatility in mounting directions and balance. This innovation, coupled with an extended screw slot, allows for precise adjustments and optimal connection to cameras, ensuring enhanced stability and load balancing.

Danny Lenihan, CEO & Founder of 3 Legged Thing, emphasized the revolutionary aspect of the Ultra Plates, highlighting their multifunctionality and improved rigidity over standard long-release plates. These plates are crafted from anodised aerospace-grade magnesium alloy, offering a lightweight yet robust platform for various photography and videography needs.

In addition to their innovative design, the Ultra Plates are equipped with multiple ¼”-20 and 3/8”-16 screw threads on their upper and lower surfaces, accommodating a wide range of accessory attachments. The inclusion of a cold-shoe mount and a standard cold-shoe socket further expands their compatibility with various devices, such as flashguns, lights, and microphones.

A standout feature of the Ultra Plates is the meticulously machined cable management hook, which neatly organizes and secures cables, thus preventing accidental disconnects and potential damage to camera sockets. Furthermore, the plates are designed with user comfort in mind, featuring tactile, skin-friendly surfaces with chamfered edges to prevent snagging on fabric.

Available in 3 Legged Thing’s signature Copper (Orange) and Dark (matte black) colours, the Ultra Plates are set to become a staple in the gear kits of photography and videography professionals. The product’s launch is supported by a Kickstarter campaign, offering early backers significant discounts and bundle deals.

For more information and to support the Kickstarter campaign, visit 3 Legged Thing’s Kickstarter page.

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