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3 Legged Thing Trent and Docz Review

3 Legged Thing Trent Review

What is 3 Legged Thing Trent?

The Trent is an aluminium monopod from British tripod manufacturer, 3 Legged Thing. It’s available on its own or as a kit with the Docz monopod foot.

Key Features

  • Max Height 2.03m / 80inch
  • Max Height with Docz 2.09m / 82.3inch
  • Min Height 610mm / 24inch
  • Min Height with Docz 670 mm / 26.4inch
  • Folded Length with Docz 670 mm / 26.4inch
  • 4 Section Legs
  • Load Capacity – 30kg / 66lbs
  • Monopod Weight 0.63kg / 1.4 lbs
  • Monopod Weight with Docz 1.13kg / 2.5lbs
  • Max Leg Tube Diameter 29mm / 1.14inch

3 Legged Thing Trent Review

The Trent is a 4-section monopod with a maximum height of 2.03m. That’s quite a bit bigger than I or my 6’2” partner need, but it could be handy for shooting on a slope or on uneven ground. Add in the Docz (more on this later) and the height can reach 2.09m

It packs down to 61cm, which is quite long. But it’s not so long that it’s problematic carrying it on a backpack. You might need to be careful if you’re carrying it sticking out of a shoulder bag though. 

Attaching the Docz foot extends the packed length to 67cm and increases the weight by 0.5Kg. However, it adds some useful functionality.

At the top of the Trent there’s screwthread to attach a camera or lens. Cleverly, this has a sprung 3/8inch thread around a 1/4inch thread. That makes the monopod more versatile as it can be used with a wider range of devices. A tripod head could be attached for example, or it could be used as a mic boom.

3 Legged Thing Trent Review

3 Legged Thing Docz

At the bottom of the Trent, the rubber foot can be removed and replaced with one of 3 Legged Thing‘s foot accessories. The most logical choice is the Docz that can be bought separately or in a kit with the monopod. 

When the rubber foot is removed, a 3/8inch thread and 1/4inch adapter sleeve become visible. This sleave has to be removed to attach the Docz.

The Docs has three metal alloy legs with an ABS top cover. These legs fold upwards for storage and travel.

3 Legged Thing Trent Review

Build and Handling

Made from aircraft-grade aluminium, the Trent has a lovely solid feel. The rubber-like grip, which has a bubble finish, also feels durable. This coating is also used on the three leg locks, making them comfortable to use.

When the Trent is packed down, my hand can span all three locks and I can undo them in one quick motion. Less than a quarter turn is required to unlock the leg, consequently it can be extended quickly and then locked tight again in a jiffy.

3 Legged Thing Trent Review

The sprung 3/8inch thread at the top of the monopod works well. It retracts easily when it needs to, but stays in place when you require the bigger thread.

A slot in the 1/4inch adapter sleeve at the base of the Trent enables it to be removed quickly so the Docz can be fitted. When the Docz three legs are flipped down, the Trent will stand-up by itself without a camera mounted. Once a camera is mounted, you wouldn’t want to leave it, but you have more stability than with a standard monopod.

A ball joint in the Docz allows you to tilt and pan the monopod around the solid platform. If you wish, you can adjust the friction lock. I can’t tighten the lock quite enough to ensure absolutely no movement, but the Trent stays put when there’s no camera mounted on it.

3 Legged Thing Trent Review

Pressing a button on each of the Docz legs unlocks them ready to be folded away. If the Docz has been bearing weight, you’ll find that you need to push the leg down a little as you press the button to release it.



While the Trent is a little long for travel, it’s a very solid and durable feeling monopod. 3 Legged Thing makes the Alan, a carbon fibre monopod, for travel. 

The Trent makes a very useful addition to your kit. It’s long enough for very tall photographers and is capable of supporting a heavy load. It can be teamed up with a tripod head or used directly on a camera or lens. Its 30Kg load capacity makes the Trent a good choice of support for long lenses, perhaps when photographing wildlife or sport. 

Pairing the Trent with the Docz foot adds weight, but it makes using the monopod a bit easier. In addition, panning movements are smoother.


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