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3 Legged Thing Alan Review

3 Legged Thing Alan review

The 3 Legged Thing Alan is a carbon fibre tripod. It has a high-quality feel with large twist locks that are quick and easy to use.

With a minimum size of 45cm the Alan fits neatly on the side of a backpack. That’s perfect for carrying as hand luggage on a flight. And as it weighs just 600g, you’ll hardly notice it’s there. However, with a payload of 60Kg, it will make a difference when you’re shooting. It’s ideal for supporting a long lens while you photograph sport or wildlife.

At a maximum height of 1.49m, the Alan is taller than I need, but photographers of around 6-foot 2 or taller will find they have to stoop.

Like the 3 Legged Thing Trent monopod I reviewed a while back, the Alan has an interchangeable foot. This means the rubber foot can be swapped for a spike, for example, or the Docz legs. The Docz make a nice addition, but in my opinion, their chunky build seems more suited to the Trent.

Key Specifications

  • Max Height 1.49m / 58.7inches
  • Max Height with Docz 1.53 m / 60inches
  • Min Height 450mm / 17.7inches
  • Min Height with Docz 505mm / 20inches
  • Folded Length with Docz 505mm / 20inches
  • 5 Section Legs
  • Load Capacity – 60kg / 130lbs
  • Weight 0.6kg / 1.34lbs
  • Weight with Docz 1.1kg / 2.42lbs
  • Max Leg Tube Diameter 32 m / 1.26inches

3 Legged Thing Alan review

Why Use a Monopod?

A monopod is a lighter, more portable and less cumbersome alternative to a tripod. It gives your camera and lens some support without restricting you in the same way as a tripod. They are especially useful when you’re shooting with a long lens because they can take the weight without hindering your movement.

The Alan is supplied without a tripod head. It’s designed to screw directly onto the base of your camera or the foot a telephoto lens. If you want, however, it can be used with a tripod head to give a little more flexibility.

If you’re shooting with a telephoto lens that has a collar and foot, for example, the collar can be loosened to allow the camera to switch between landscape and portrait format. That’s not possible if the camera is mounted directly onto the monopod, you need a head.




3 Legged Thing’s Alan has a nice solid feel with chunky grips on the leg locks. There’s also a nice rubberised texture on the top section where you grip it. As well as giving some purchase that grip is more comfortable and warmer to hold than bare carbon fibre – although carbon fibre isn’t as cold as metal.

Very tall photographers may need a slightly taller monopod, but for most people, the Alan is a good choice. And it’s great for travel, slipping almost unnoticed into hand luggage.

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