News |3 Legged Thing Announces Next-Generation Alan 2.0 Carbon Fibre Monopod

3 Legged Thing Announces Next-Generation Alan 2.0 Carbon Fibre Monopod

3LT Alan 2.0

3LT has been hard at work with their Pro Range 2.0 tripods, and the results have been impressive; check out our review of the 3LT Winston 2.0, and now the monopod range has come under the same spotlight of design.

Alan 2.0 has arrived with Carbon Fiber leg sections and an all-new style of a leg lock, along with an updated Tri-mount plate design.

The original Alan found favour with videographers, sports and wildlife photographers looking for added support and stability. The improvements with the Alan 2.0 looks to impress further.

So what’s new with the new 3LT Alan 2.0?

3LT oversized leg locks and grips have always been welcome, especially in the cold and wet British weather. But, now, after years of development, there have been further refined.

Three all-new grippy rubber pads enable the enhanced purchase and easy use in all conditions, and of course, have an all-new look.

These new locks feature a screw cap which now prevents the twist locks from fully unscrewing, inexplicably something that people seem to do.

Internally the legs locks have also changed with the same style of anti-rotation Chicken Lips (shims) as the Pro Range 2.0 Tripods.

Featuring lightweight carbon legs, Alan 2.0 weighs in at just 615 g, making it an ideal companion on almost any venture, adding little weight to your camera backpack.

What’s more, Alan has a maximum payload of 60kg, more than enough for almost any camera lens combo you can think of.

Another enhanced feature of the Alan 2.0 is the Tri-Mount plate. This includes three hollowed spurs to attach accessories and for videographers to help with cable management.

Ensuring you always have a good grip whatever the conditions a new Big Grip features. This unique rubber grip with deep channels helps to disperse water, again good for the British weather.
When it comes to height, Alan 2.0 fully extended reaches 1.48 m and packs down to just 44 cm. 
As with the previous generation 3LT Alan the 2.0 features a ¼-inch and 3/8-inch threads at either end; an innovative dual thread is spring-loaded on the top with the outer 3/8-inch thread retracting to reveal the 1/4-inch thread in the centre. This enables the monopod to be used with a head-mounted on top or connected directly to the base of a camera.

Alan 2.0 ships with 3LT’s durable Bootz rubber foot and can be replaced with 3LT’s range of alternative tripod footwear or the Docs foot stabiliser.

Alan 2.0 is available as monopod only or in a kit with Docs.
Both monopod only and kit are available now, both online and in retail stores. The suggested retail price is £129.99 / US $149.99 for the monopod, £169.99 / $199.99 for the kit with Docs.

For more details on the 3 Legged Thing Alan 2.0 check out


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