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24 regional winners display highlight stories through their photography

South America - Marco Garro - Pulitzer Center

The World Press Photo organization has unveiled the regional winners of the 2024 Contest, offering a glimpse into stories around the world. This year’s winners, selected from 61,062 entries and shortlisted by 3,851 photographers from 130 countries, showcase photojournalism and documentary photography and highlight stories that delve beyond the front page and TV news.

The 2024 World Press Photo contest recievved thousands of images which were sorted through by regional judges leading to a final selection by a global jury headed by Fiona Shields, the Head of Photography at The Guardian. This judging process produced 24 winning projects and six honourable mentions, with two special mentions for stories from the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The range of themes entered into this year’s contest is vast, with winning entries covering global issues such as war, climate crisis, and family. From the Asia region and image capturing a Palestinian woman mourning her niece, a casualty of an Israeli missile strike is just one of the many images that instantly makes an impact. This image, along with others in the selection, focuses in on the personal tragedies often missed by the wider coverage of news outlets.

Environmental concerns also feature prominently, with photographers documenting the impact of the climate crisis and activism. From a grandfather in Fiji trying to find a way of working with rising sea levels to German activists challenging coal mining.

Family emerges as a strong theme through many of the winning entries, highlighting stories of resilience, love, and loss. Whether dealing with the aftermath of war, migration, or health challenges, the images show stories of strength.

The global winners, including the World Press Photo of the Year, will be announced on 18 April 2024 at De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. This event will celebrate global photojournalism and mark the start of the World Press Photo Exhibition 2024, which will tour over 60 locations worldwide.

World Press Photo strictly prohibits AI-generated imagery and employs a strategy to ensure the competition’s authenticity. This includes a detailed verification of entrants’ professionalism and the factual accuracy of submissions, with each image being studied by industry experts and independent digital analysts.

As the World Press Photo Foundation approaches its 70th anniversary, it continues its mission of connecting the world to stories that matter through the power of photography.

For more details on the contest and to view the winning entries, visit the World Press Photo website.

Below is a small selection from the shortlist

For more information, check out World Press Photo

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