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HOW TO... use the Huawei Nova 5T Pro camera mode

Discover how to capture raw files and make creative effects within your images with the Huawei Nova 5T

Huawei Nova 5T camera review

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  • How to shoot raw files with the Nova 5T
  • How to use exposure controls

Huawei’s smartphone cameras have a sterling reputation. It was the company’s partnership with Leica and the subsequent release of the P20 Pro that earned Huawei street cred with photographers and made many consider their phone as a proper camera for the very first time.

Several years into this partnership, Huawei has had time to hone its camera technology. And now, with the launch of the Huawei Nova 5T, the company has provided many of its most innovative imaging technology in a solid handset at an upper-budget to mid-range price tag.

Huawei’s native camera app features a host of different shooting options, and its AI modes can deliver some superb results. But to take full control over the image-making process, you’ll want to use the so-called ‘Pro’ mode.

In this tutorial we’ll explain the different controls available in the Huawei Nova 5T’s Pro mode and suggest when you might want to use them.

How to use the Huawei Nova 5T Pro camera mode

How to shoot raw files on the Huawei Nova 5T

Like its older siblings in the range, the Huawei Nova 5T camera also allows users to shoot raw files. Raw capture is only available in Pro mode, though. To enable raw capture on the Nova 5T, do the following:

  1. Enable Pro mode

    In the camera app, press the More tab and press Pro to enable Pro mode.

  2. Go to the Resolution menu

    In Pro mode, press the cog icon in the top right of the screen to go to your Settings menu. Here, press the Resolution option.

  3. Slide the Raw Capture button to On

    In the Resolution menu you will see a Raw Capture option near the bottom. Slide the toggle on to enable raw capture, then press the back arrow to return to the camera app.

Shooting options in Huawei Nova 5T Pro camera mode

How to use the Huawei Nova 5T Pro camera mode


In Pro mode the Huawei Nova 5T lets you choose from Matrix, Centre and Spot metering options. Matrix mode meters from a wide area of the screen. Centre will select the entire frame but provide greater weight to what’s in the centre. Spot metering is for determining the best exposure for a small point within the frame. This mode selects just 2.5% of the frame around your metering point.


Here you can control your Nova 5T’s sensitivity to light. In low-light conditions, set a higher ISO value and you’ll be able to shoot with a faster shutter speed for sharper images.

Shutter Speed

A fundamental exposure control, this allows you to decide how much light will reach the sensor on your Nova 5T. A fast shutter speed allows less light in, while a slower shutter speed lets more light into the camera. Unless the phone is stable, you are susceptible to camera shake at longer shutter speeds.

Personally, in low light I tend to take the Nova 5T out of Pro mode and shoot in Huawei’s Super Night Mode. This mode combines the best elements of a series of frames and allows you to shoot handheld images in almost pitch black which are sharp and perfectly exposed. It’s one of Huawei’s signature camera features.

Exposure Compensation

Your exposure compensation, or EV, slider will allow you to fine tune the recommended exposure and make it brighter or darker, according to your preference.

Focus mode

Here you can set the Nova 5T to Singe-Shot Autofocus (AF-S) or Continuous Autofocus (C-AF). Alternatively, you can also enable Manual Focus and use the slider that appears to move elements of the frame in and out of focus.

White Balance

With white balance you can prevent the colours in your subject and scene from being exaggerated by the colour of your light source. White Balance effectively maintains a true white within your scene based on the colour temperature of your light source.

The Huawei Nova 5T Pro mode control allows you to choose from a range of preset options, such as Cloudy, Shade, Full Sun, or you can customise it according to your very specific setup.

Which Huawei Nova 5T Pro settings to use?

Though you have full control in Pro mode, don’t feel like you need to make adjustments to every setting. For instance, in good light you may want to leave White Balance on Auto (AWB) and not touch your Exposure Compensation menu.

You’ll probably find that Shutter Speed, Focus Mode and Metering are the settings you adjust most. It’s worth exploring each control, though. The best way to learn what your Nova 5T is capable of is by taking a scene and shooting it several different ways using these different controls.

Do you have a Huawei phone and shoot in Pro mode? Let us know your best tips in the comments!


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