HOW TO... Go low – The art of low-level photography

Go low - The art of low level photography

A slight shift in position is often all it takes to turn a good photo into a great one. A simple step to the left or right will instantly make a difference as will crouching down to get a lower angled perspective.

Low-level positions are superb for capturing stunning landscapes with a ground-level angle adding interest by giving the viewer a different perspective on a scene usually viewed at eye level.

However, crouching down to take a shot while easy enough doesn’t always give you a stable shooting base, especially if you want to use a longer exposure or use filters.

In these situations, a tripod is essential for mastering the art of low-level photography.

How to minimise tripod height

Almost all tripods enable you to capture low-level shots, simply don’t extend the legs. However, tripods such as the 3 Legged Thing range will allow you to drop the height of the camera to just above ground level.

In this video, I take a look at three simple techniques using the 3 Legged Thing Punks Billy that will enable you to get low-level images.

The first is simple; just don’t extend those legs. You can, of course, adjust the leg lengths to get a level base, but this first technique can be carried out by almost any tripod on the market.

The next option is to invert the centre column. Doing this will enable you to position the camera under the tripod; once done, you can drop the camera right down to ground level.

The final option is to remove the centre column altogether. Once done, the camera is positioned just above ground level with the full stretch of the legs helping to support the camera.

All three options can be achieved with all tripods in the 3 Legged Thing range. For more information check out

Go low  - The art of low level photography
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Go low - The art of low level photography
Getting a different perspective can make all the difference to you photography. Here I show you how to use a tripod to get a low-level photo perspective.
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