News |SmallRig VB99 Pro: Power-Packed Photography Companion for Professionalss

SmallRig VB99 Pro: Power-Packed Photography Companion for Professionals

Unlock Seamless Power: VB99 Pro - An Essential Photography Accessory

SmallRig VB99 Pro

Over the past few months I’ve reviewed and now extensively used the SmallRig VB range of V-Mount batteries and have been incredibly impressed by their performance and versatility. Now SmallRig has announced the release of the SmallRig VB99 Pro and upgrade to the original SmallRig VB99 and features a range of impressive improvements. The VB99 Pro promises to revolutionize the way professionals power their cameras, monitors, LED video lights, mobile phones, laptops, and more.

At the core of the VB99 Pro’s enhancements is the implementation of the BMS intelligent chip, catapulting it into the fast-charging league. This battery supports up to 100W (Max.) fast charging capability, allowing users to achieve a full charge in a mere 2.5 hours, a feature that will prove valuable when filming on location and enables you to directly charge from the likes of the Bluetti AC60.

One of the standout features of the VB99 Pro is its versatile array of interfaces. A simple row of lights is a distant memory when compared with the small but informative interface of this new battery that shows percentage of capacity as well as other battery information.

The SmallRig VB99 Pro also boasts a range of interfaces such as D-tap, USB-C, USB-A, DC 8V, DC 12V, and BP electrode. This multifaceted design means you can efficiently power and charge a wide range of devices, from cameras and monitors to LED video lights, mobile phones, and laptops. No need for a V-mount plate conversion—the VB99 Pro is a one-stop power solution.

Built to withstand the rigours of professional use, the SmallRig VB99 Pro features a robust construction. Its durable, scratch-resistant PC and acrylic cover on the front ensure it can handle the demands of various shooting environments. The TFT colour screen on the battery clearly and accurately displays the battery status, so you’ll always know how much power you have left to work with.

Despite the substantial upgrades and enhanced performance, the VB99 Pro maintains its affordability. Priced at just $259, the same as the original VB99, it offers an unbeatable value proposition for photographers and videographers looking to elevate their power solutions.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Premium Battery Cell: Imported top-class large-capacity LG battery cells ensure the VB99 Pro can endure repeated charging and discharging, delivering exceptional safety and stability.
  • Compact and Lightweight: The highly integrated design means the VB99 Pro is approximately 70% the size of a typical V-mount battery, making it significantly lighter and more portable.
  • Built to Last: Crafted from a combination of aluminum alloy and fireproof PC, this battery is both sturdy and drop-proof, designed to withstand the demands of challenging shooting environments.

The VB99 Pro represents a significant step forward in the world of portable power solutions. Its remarkable charging speed, versatility, and affordability make it an invaluable asset for photographers and videographers seeking the ultimate performance.

For more information and to purchase the VB99 Pro, visit

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