News |SmallRig Launches RT25 Handheld Tube Light with Battery Handle Grips

SmallRig Launches RT25 Handheld Tube Light with Battery Handle Grip

Versatile lighting solution for photographers and filmmakers

SmallRig RT25

SmallRig, a renowned name in camera accessories, has launched the RT25 Handheld Tube Light with Battery Handle Grip, marking a significant advancement in portable lighting solutions. This versatile light is ideal for capturing visually stunning photos and videos across various scenarios, including events, weddings, travel, comic conventions, fashion shows, interviews, documentaries, music videos, TV commercials, and live streaming.

The RT25 is designed for wireless efficiency with its quick-release design, seamlessly integrating the tube light, battery grip, and lighting control accessories. This provides cordless lighting on the go, enhancing efficiency and ease of use. Measuring only 42cm when compacted and weighing just 900g, the RT25 is 75% lighter than comparable products, ensuring effortless storage and convenient transportation.

Equipped with a built-in 45Wh battery handle, the RT25 offers up to 2 hours of continuous full-power usage on a single charge, with USB-C ports for PD fast charging. It provides versatile mounting options for handheld lighting using the handle or connection via various interfaces for flexible lighting configurations.

The RT25 boasts professional lighting quality with a CRI Ra of 96+ and TLCI of 98+, maintaining exceptional colour accuracy and illumination. Crafted from anodized aluminium alloy and robust materials, the RT25 has an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance, ensuring reliability in challenging shooting conditions.

With these features, the RT25 is set to become a game changer for photographers and filmmakers, providing a powerful and portable lighting solution for all their creative needs.

For more information, visit the SmallRig product page or purchase from Amazon and B&H.


  • Wireless Efficiency: Quick release design integrating tube light, battery grip, and accessories
  • Dimensions: 42cm compacted length
  • Weight: 900g
  • Battery: Built-in 45Wh, up to 2 hours continuous use
  • Charging: USB-C PD fast charging
  • Mounting Options: Handheld or various interfaces
  • Lighting Quality: CRI Ra 96+, TLCI 98+
  • Durability: Anodized aluminum alloy, IP65 dust and water resistance

Price and Availability:

The SmallRig RT25 Handheld Tube Light with Battery Handle Grip is priced at $229.00 USD and is available for purchase from multiple retailers. You can find it on SmallRig’s official website, Amazon, and B&H. This versatile lighting solution is ideal for photographers and videographers, offering wireless efficiency, professional lighting quality, and robust, durable construction for various shooting conditions.

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17 days ago

Can it changes the light color also and what is the total battery backup time ?