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Author: Ali Jennings

Being surrounded by cameras and kit from a young age, Ali's interest in photography really took off when he was given a Canon AE-1 and super 8 camera. After a few small commercial photo jobs and involvement in short film projects he joined the publishing industry in the late 90's.

Pro video tripod manager from Think Tank

Think Tank has just announced their latest Pro level roller case aimed at videographers. One of the most significant issues as a pro videographer is ensuring that all of your kits reaches its destination in one piece, and in full working order. Flight cases might ensure that your cameras and tripods stay safe in the…

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Big GoPro price reductions

You can tell it's Christmas when GoPro offers its outstanding GoPro Hero 5 cameras at a massive discount. First up, the GoPro Hero5 Black is now available for £299, that's a £100 price drop. The Hero5 Black was the camera that changed everything when it came to action cameras, not only that, it raised the…

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Get ready for the ultimate body with PortraitPro Body V2

A few years ago PortraitPro burst onto the scene, enabling advanced portrait correction with a series of simple to use controls. These controls enabled anyone to retouch, enhance and remodel portraits in a way that only experienced photo retouchers had been able to do before. These controls used clever coding to automatically fix many portrait…

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Mobile photo fun with Looparoid

We all love retro, and in photographic terms, there's nothing more retro than Polaroid. We've already seen the hipsters in Shoreditch go crazy for Lomo, but now there's Looparoid for mobile. Loopoid is the first app that enables you to combine multiple images to create unique photo stories with a style that is unmistakably Polaroid.…

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Manfrotto BeFree Advanced in use

This time of year is ideal for getting out and capturing stunning landscape images. If you want to get the very best from your camera's sensor, shoot long exposures or just ensure that your camera is steady and level, then a tripod is essential. The new Manfrotto BeFree Advanced is a lightweight and compact…

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Manfrotto BeFree Advanced Unboxing

In this Manfrotto BeFree Advanced Unboxing video I’ll run through some of the key new features of the ultra-compact travel tripod. The BeFree Advanced is available in two editions, either the lever locks for the traditionalists or a twist lock edition. Either version will set you back around £175. I'll run through the full feature list in…

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Isaw Touch review

iSAW Touch Snap Verdict Action cameras have evolved, and the Isaw Touch is a testament to this. One button operation, glorious touchscreen, decent specification and a price that makes this an ideal entry-level action camera. For Isaw Touch Huge touchscreen One button operation Compatible with GoPro mounts Against Isaw Touch Interpolated 4K Average low light…

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Yi 4k+ review

Yi 4K+ Snap Verdict The Yi 4K+ has more on offer than any action camera in its price range - so much so that it rivals the GoPro Hero6 Black when it comes to pure specifications, yet it costs half the price. 4K at 60fps, slow motion, voice activation and touch screen all match the…

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Best Action Cameras in 2017

Action cameras may have made their name in the extreme sports market, but these days they have a much larger appeal. They’re great for families as a camera that everyone can use, there's no worries about kids dropping them or throwing them around. Youths love the branding and lifestyle reflected in brands such as GoPro,…

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