News |SJCAM announces Live Streaming Feature

SJCAM announces Live Streaming Feature

SJCAM announce Live Streaming Feature

In the past action cameras by their very nature were the preserve of extreme sports enthusiasts. At least that’s what the marketing material and images of surfers and people hurling themselves off cliff tops would have you believe.

In reality, action cameras, have a far broader appeal, commonly used by families, broadcast and vloggers due to their small and almost indestructible design.

This year we’ve seen two huge innovations take off, image stabilisation and livestream. In reality, the two features have been around for a few years but the implementation hasn’t always been as good as it could have been.

Now both features have evolved and we’re now seeing the next generation of cameras and features. SJCAM is quickly rising through the ranks as a manufacturer who is keen to get things right and offer an affordable option.

Their latest innovation is one that suddenly elevates the company with the inclusion of live streaming. This new feature will be added to many of their existing cameras and will inevitably be applied through an update.

To livestream, all you’ll need to do is authorised the SJCAM app to link in with your FaceBook or YouTube account.

In the past, this is how many livestream app features apps worked, but once signed in their connection process was often complicated and fiddly. SJCAM has addressed this with the use of QR codes.

Once the account is authorised you can then select live stream for your chosen network and a QR code in the SmartPhone app is created. You then film the QR code with the camera and the LiveView stream will start.

I’ve used a similar system for security cameras in the past, and in that case, it’s worked incredibly smoothly, so looking forward to seeing how well this works with the SJCAM cameras.

SJCAM has released a list of compatible cameras which includes the SJ8 Pro, SJ8 Plus, Krypton, Aktyn and the new SJ9 series.

As yet we haven’t been given a date for the release, but we have been told that it will be sometime in May.

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SJCAM announces Live Streaming Feature
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SJCAM announces Live Streaming Feature
Livestreaming is one of this year's big features for action cameras. SJCAM announces Live Streaming Feature will be added to some existing cameras
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