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Sachtler Unveils Cine Series Fluid Heads

New fluid heads enhance controlled, smooth cinematic movement

Sachtler Cine Fluid Head

Sachtler has launched its new Cine Series of fluid heads, marking a significant advancement in controlled and smooth camera movement for cinematographers. The series, which includes the Cine 20, Cine 30, and Cine 50 models, stands out as the smallest and lightest in its class, addressing the varying needs of cinematographers, from solo operators to large production crews.

Its unique features characterize each model in the Cine Series. The Cine 20, designed for lighter setups, supports a payload range of 2-22 kg and features a 100 mm bowl, 16 steps of SpeedBalance technology, and seven steps of pan and tilt drag. The Cine 30, tailored for daily cine use, handles payloads of 3-32 kg and includes an ARRI-compatible camera plate and front box mounting points. The Cine 50, the largest in the series, supports 10-50 kg payloads and offers enhanced counterbalance and drag options, making it ideal for larger and more complex setups.

Common to all models is a secure sideload mechanism, simplifying the mounting and balancing of heavily accessorized cameras. This feature enables cinematographers to adapt to dynamic shooting environments quickly. Additionally, the inclusion of a front pan bar rosette provides extra control, further enhancing the user experience.

Sachtler’s commitment to quality, speed, and practicality is evident in this new series, which draws on the brand’s rich cinematic heritage dating back to 1958. The Cine Series fluid heads are now available for purchase from Sachtler resellers, either as a head only or as part of a complete system, including a tripod and spreader.

For more information on the Cine Series fluid heads, visit Sachtler’s website.

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