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Rotolight Unveils the ANOVA PRO 3

ANOVA PRO 3: The Ultimate LED Powerhouse for Photography and Filmmaking


Rotolight, has officially launched its highly-anticipated ANOVA PRO 3 via Kickstarter. The ANOVA PRO 3 is a powerhouse 1×1 production LED light featuring a custom-designed LED optic system, representing the pinnacle of Rotolight’s advanced lighting products.

With a 22,000 lux output, the ANOVA PRO 3 surpasses its predecessors, the Anova and AEOS 2 PRO, delivering over double the brightness. This revolutionary light introduces industry-first features and unmatched versatility, catering to the needs of TV production, filmmakers, professional photographers, and content creators.

Following the success of previous campaigns for products like the Rotolight NEO 3 and AEOS 2 PRO Editions, Rotolight offers its user community exclusive early access and discounts through the ANOVA PRO 3 Kickstarter campaign. Backers gain the opportunity to select from various ANOVA PRO 3 options, including multi-light kits and accessory bundles, becoming the first to experience its exceptional performance and innovations.

The ANOVA PRO 3 builds upon the legacy of the award-winning Rotolight ANOVA PRO series, renowned for its use by leading broadcasters and studios, including Amazon Studios, Netflix, BBC, and ITV, on major productions like ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ and Amazon’s ‘The Expanse.’ Developed over 12 years with user feedback and cutting-edge R&D, this light promises significant advancements for creative professionals.

An industry-first, the ANOVA PRO 3 boasts IP65 weather resistance and native battery operation, making it suitable for challenging conditions ranging from snow to tropical rain-showers. The light incorporates a groundbreaking ‘Magic Eye’ optical light sensor positioned on its front, which automatically measures and matches any Kelvin or HSI colour, eliminating the need for a light meter and simplifying on-set lighting adjustments.

Key Features of the Rotolight ANOVA PRO 3

  • Unparalleled brightness, >22,000 lux at 3ft, making it the brightest 1×1 panel on the market.
  • IP65 rated for outdoor use in extreme weather conditions.
  • Native IP dual V lock battery operation.
  • Innovative ‘Magic-Eye’ optical light sensor for instant and precise colour matching.
  • Intuitive full-color touchscreen display, an industry-first.
  • In-built lumenradio wireless DMX, wired DMX, and Bluetooth app control via the Rotolight app (iOS & Android).
  • Adjustable color temperature from 1,700-20,000 Kelvin.
  • 16.7 million colours and compatibility with 2500 gels, including LEE and Rosco filters.
  • Exceptional battery performance with an industry-leading energy consumption to power ratio (200W).
  • HSS Flash mode doubles power output.
  • Compatibility with transmitters from Elinchrom, Godox, Pixapro, Neewar, and more.
  • Previous generation accessories, such as yokes and barn doors, are compatible.
  • SmartSoft™ electronic diffusion enabled.
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty included.

The ANOVA PRO 3 comes equipped with Rotolight’s patented ‘Smart-Soft’ electronic diffusion technology, complemented by an optional Rotolight Smart-Soft Box. This innovation empowers users to adjust diffusion electronically, focus, and spread without the need for gels or additional modifiers, saving time and resources on set.

With an industry-leading brightness output of 26,600 lux at 3 feet, 250% more powerful than its predecessor, combined with exceptional battery performance, the ANOVA PRO 3 is a lightweight (3.5kg) and portable solution, perfect for outdoor shooting. It offers 16.7 million colours, 2500 filters, and state-of-the-art RGBWW chips, providing endless creative possibilities.

The ANOVA PRO 3 features Rotolight’s acclaimed suite of CineSFX effects, adding drama to scenes with ease. It can be customized, with settings easily recalled, reducing on-set time. Additionally, the light will be manufactured and assembled exclusively in the UK, ensuring the highest quality standards, and includes a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Rod Gammons, CEO of Rotolight, commented, “We are delighted to announce our latest innovation… The Anova PRO 3 represents the pinnacle of LED technology and delivers class-leading performance that saves you time on set.”

The Rotolight ANOVA PRO 3 Kickstarter campaign

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