News |Rode announces VideoMic Go II

Rode announces VideoMic Go II

Rode VideoMic Go II

Rode has announced the VideoMic Go II, an ultra-lightweight shotgun microphone. The new version of one of the company’s most popular products sees a comprehensive update packing in features that help boost the microphone’s uses and audio capture.

The new Rode VideoMic Go II features include an updated acoustic design that was first introduced with the VideoMic NTG and NTG5 shotgun microphones.

The new mic has also been designed with maximum compatibility in mind and can be used with the latest cameras, smartphones and tablets, it features a 3.5mm TRS output.

While the original VideoMic Go was small, the updated version weighs just 89 grams and is an even smaller. Its compact form makes it an ideal choice for anyone using their camera handheld.

The microphone has been designed to be as easy to use as possible and features no switches or controls, just plug it in and get filming.

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Rode has also ensured that the VideoMic Go II is fully compatible with the company’s range of apps. Connecting to these apps gives access to may of the microphone’s advanced features such as audio processing and studio-quality recording for any device.

Connecting the VideoMic Go II directly with your camera may be the most obvious use, but there are plenty of other options due to the USB-C connection.

Connect the VideoMic Go II to a smartphone, tablet or computer, and the mic can be used directly with Rode Connect, Rode Central or Rode Reporter.

Rode Central is a desktop and mobile-based app that adds a high-pass filter, high-frequency boost, pad and control over the input and headphone levels.

Rode Connect enables you to use the VideoMic Go II as a portable podcasting and streaming solution. Again advanced features can be accessed such as the high-pass filter, high-frequency boost and pad, plus studio-grade audio processing, including APHEX Aural Exciter, Big Bottom effects, a compressor and noise gate. 

Rode Reporter enables the USB-connected microphone to be an ideal solution for podcasters and live streamers.

“When we released the VideoMic NTG in 2019, we completely revolutionised on-camera audio, as we have been doing for well over a decade,” says Rode CEO Damien Wilson. “With its highly innovative acoustic design and USB recording capabilities, it pushed the boundaries of what a compact shotgun mic was capable of. Not only was it ideal for on-camera use, but it also became a go-to for mobile content creators, an excellent portable recording solution for podcasters and streamers, and a do-it-all microphone for filmmakers.” 

He continues: “The VideoMic Go II combines these same features with the ultra-lightweight and easy-to-use form factor of the original VideoMic Go to offer a highly versatile yet approachable microphone ideal for a wide variety of creators, from beginners to seasoned professionals. The next generation of compact shotgun microphones has well and truly arrived, and once again, Rode is leading the charge.”


  • Product type: Shotgun microphone
  • Connection: 3.5mm, USB-C
  • Polar pattern: Supercardioid
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Signal to noise Ratio: 79dBA
  • Sensitivity: -31 dBV (28.78mV @ 94dB SPL) ± 1dB @ 1kHz
  • Power: 3.5mm plug-in power 2-5V, USB 5V
  • Dimensions (L x W): 171 x 21.6mm
  • Weight: 33g mic only, 89g with shock mount, 96g with all included accessories

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