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Compact Lighting Revolution with RGB and Wireless Control


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Our Verdict

The ZHIYUN M20C, an advanced version of the M20, brings significant upgrades to the cheaper light with RGB capabilities, wireless control, and mesh lighting features.

While maintaining the user-friendly aspects of the M20, this compact LED light offers more creative possibilities. The addition of full-colour RGB lighting, combined with the convenience of app control and the ability to create wireless lighting groups, makes the M20C a versatile tool for both professional and hobbyist photographers and videographers.

Despite these advanced features, the M20C remains compact and portable, retaining the solid build quality of its predecessor. The increased cost is justified by the expanded functionality, making the M20C a valuable addition to any creative setup. It is worth noting that one M20C is good, but more are better.


  • RGB and Bi-Colour control
  • App control
  • Durable Design


  • Limited Battery Life
  • Higher Cost than M20

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The ZHIYUN FIVERAY M20C is an enhanced version of the standard ZHIYUN FIVERAY M20 light, offering full RGB capabilities and wireless control features. It retains the compact and versatile design of the M20 but introduces additional functionalities that cater to more complex lighting needs.

As the M20C offers the same form factor and mounting options as the M20, the two can be used in combination with the M20 kicking out temperature-controlled lighting while the M20C has the option to pump in a little colour.

The M20C is ideal for scenarios requiring colour-specific lighting or remote operation, such as studio photography, outdoor shooting, and creative video projects. Its ability to integrate into wireless lighting groups further expands its utility in professional setups.


Compared with the M20, the M20C simply offers a level-up on control and lighting options while matching the brightness and colour accuracy of the cheaper model.


  • Power: 20W with RGB LEDs
  • Wireless Control: Bluetooth mesh control for individual and group lighting management
  • Additional Features: Full-color RGB, HSI precise dimming, Green-Magenta control
  • Battery: 40 Minutes Enhanced battery life with PD protocol compatibility
  • Size: 7.8 x 7.8 x 3.6 cm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Colour Temperature Range: 2700K-6500K

Build and Handling

The ZHIYUN M20C maintains the robust and user-friendly design of the M20, so pop over to the M20 review to read more on the main build and handling of the light, which essentially remains the same.

When it comes to the ZHIYUN M20C, there are two main differences from the M20, and those are RGB lights and the App control. Starting with the RGB, like the M20 button and carousel navigation, the M20C offers an identical setup with the addition of the HSI or RGB screen that enables you to adjust the colour.

Again, a click of the left button scrolls through the main menu screens while a rotation of the left dial enables you to select the setting, with the right dial rotation enabling you to change the setting value. It’s all very simple, but it does take a little while for the process to sink in. However, the effect and control of the small light is impressive.


The other big feature is the wireless control, which enables you to pair the light through Bluetooth with the ZY Vega app. Once connected, the light is added to the selection, and if you have one of ZHIYUN’s other lights, such as the ZHIYUN G200, then this can be added to the group and controlled either on its own or in a bigger group. It’s an impressive app with a huge volume of features that professional lighting rigs would be hard-pushed to match.


The ZHIYUN M20C’s compact form certainly packs power when it comes to output, offering a 20W light that is adjustable from a soft glow to a bright illumination, suitable for a variety of shooting scenarios. Its size, comparable to a sticky note, makes it incredibly portable while still delivering professional dimming capabilities and innovative features, ensuring that each photograph or video is impeccably lit.

One of the M20C’s most significant advancements is its full-colour RGB lighting, allowing for a vast range of hues and shades. This feature, combined with HSI precise dimming, offers creators the ability to fine-tune the ambience of their shoots down to the most minute detail. The built-in Green-Magenta control is another unique aspect, enabling even more control over the colour balance and mood of the lighting, making it ideal for both photography and videography.

The M20C also stands out with its 16 creative lighting modes, which include both standard FX light effects and immersive RGB moods. These modes are easily adjustable, offering creative flexibility to match the lighting to the mood or beat of the scene.


Mounting the M20C is effortless thanks to its magnetic property, allowing it to attach to tables, walls, and even vehicles easily. This feature greatly expands the potential applications of the light, making it a versatile tool for creative challenges. The light’s compatibility with professional accessories enhances this versatility, allowing creators to produce varied and dynamic lighting effects easily.

Lastly, the M20C features Bluetooth Mesh Control, enabling extended lighting effects across multiple units. This capability allows for complex lighting setups to be managed simply and efficiently, making the M20C a powerful tool in larger lighting arrays. The ZY Vega APP compatibility furthers this ease of use by enabling remote manipulation of lighting parameters, a convenient feature for adjusting settings on the fly.


The M20C’s performance truly sets it apart. Its versatility was evident during the review, as it seamlessly worked in conjunction with the FIVERAY F100 to create varied lighting schemes. The ability to generate specific effects, like TV lighting in a scene, highlighted its ability to add mood to creative photoshoots. For product photography and educational environments, its small size and ease of use make it an easy choice for demonstration of technique as well as being able to subtly light with accuracy.

Controlling the M20C through the ZY Vega app adds more than just a layer of convenience, particularly in situations where your attention is divided or when working with an assistant. This wireless control, coupled with the ability to adjust colour temperature and hues all from your mobile phone or tablet, makes it incredibly convenient. The magnetic mount is a surprising standout feature, offering flexibility in positioning the light on various surfaces – from lighting stands to radiators and vehicles.

The M20C may seem modest with its 20W output, but its performance in practice is anything but. The capability to manage the light and additional units via a single app enhances its functionality, making it not just a light source but a comprehensive lighting solution. This light’s ability to deliver on both technical and creative fronts makes it an outstanding choice for a wide array of lighting needs.

Final Thoughts

The ZHIYUN M20C elevates the capabilities of the standard M20 with its RGB and wireless features, offering a more versatile and creative lighting solution. While it comes at a higher cost, its expanded functionalities make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking advanced lighting control in a compact package.

With one ZHIYUN M20C, you have a range of lighting effects contained in one small box; with two, you add an extra dimension to your creative lighting setups, and as your budget allows, you can further expand on that creativity.

The small 20W power rating is ideal for the size and versatility of the light. The ability to add lighting modifiers and adjust the color and brightness with such accuracy enables you to really play around with the light.


There is a slight drawback: at full power, the light only lasts for around 40 minutes. However, there is the option for PD power, greatly extending the run time. During this test, the ambient temperatures were around 8ºC for extended outdoor shoots over two hours, with the M20C hooked up to a SmallRig VB99 Pro for additional power. While the light ran without fault, the temperature, as well as the cooling system, kept things in check and cool.

In the studio, the lighting power was reduced, and there were no issues again, leaving the light running and hooked up to PD power.

In all situations, the flexibility and control of the light have made it a bit of a go-to for all lighting needs. They’re really compact and easy to use, especially with the control offered by the app. This is one small lighting solution that I would highly recommend to anyone, whether they’re a photographer or videographer.

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